Compact River Water Purification System

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Compact River Water Purification system

Project Details
Capacity 660 m3/day (13 Nos.) Client PARSONS. Features and Specifications - Compact, Mobile, And Easy to operate
- Coagulation and Flocculation system for efficient precipitation
- Clarification system with lamella tube settlers for maximization of settling area
- Automatic (3cycle) multimedia sand filtration system (NSF approved high performance FRP tanks) with automatic air scour aided backwash
- Micron Cartridge Filtration Systems for removal of suspended solids
- Chlorine Injection system with chlorine detection system for water disinfection
- Skid Mounted system (MS epoxy coated, NACE certified for maximum corrosion resistance)
- Automatic Sludge Disposal system
- Eyewash Station For safety

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Concorde - Corodex Group, is one of the Middle East region’s pioneering providers of fire protection, water purification, wastewater treatment and environmental services. Established in 1974, the company has evolved to become a group of 22 individual companies.

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